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....… have accurately revived the past and brought the memories flooding back. - Lt General Julian J. Ewell, USA (Ret).

....…..thank you, your very detailed book has put me back in that little grey monster with the smell and stench of battle. -  Colonel William L. Walker, USAF (Ret).

A real fighter pilot! Best of luck with the book and my congratulations on a very valuable contribution to our military history.  - Air Vice Marshal James H. Flemming AO, DFC, AM (US), RAAF (Ret).

I have not been able to pick up a book for five years. Due to PTSD I had lost the will to read and ability to concentrate. Your book had a positive effect on me and I could not put it down, so Sir, for that I thank you. -  LAC Joe Richards.

I read your book with mixed emotions. Thank you for writing it and sharing so much with our family about my late husband's actions in Vietnam.  - Ruby Nelson, (widow of Colonel Richard F. Nelson).

You are truly one of my heroes. -  Lt. Lee B. Alley DSC, SS, BSM, PH, ACM. USA (Ret).

As an historical insight into the work of the FAC your book is up there with the best of the WWII fighter biographies which I have read extensively. -  Peter Arnold, Spitfire Historian, Hertfordshire, England.

A riveting tale of a brave pilot. If you're into Australian aviation, then you'll enjoy this one. -  Lt Cameron Jamieson, Air Force/ Army/ Navy News.

I could not put Sock it to 'em Baby down which I read at one reading….. if you are after a day to day account of the work of the FAC then this is the book for you. Anthony Staunton, Military Historical Society.

A great read, well written and a valuable part of our military history. -  Wings Magazine, RAAF Association.

I am rather puzzled that you believe it is the AWM's responsibility to "promote" your book.  - S. N. Gower AO, Director, Australian War Memorial.


Painting by Brian Wood, a Vietnam Veteran, depicts Garry Cooper, just on dusk, directing an air-strike over the “Y” Bridge in Cholon, Saigon on 11 May 1968. Elements of the 5th Battalion 60th Infantry, 3rd Battalion 39th Infantry, 2nd Battalion 47th Infantry and 6th Battalion 31st Infantry of the 9th Infantry Division are fighting a battle to prevent VC and NVA Forces taking the vital bridge during the May Offensive.

The fighters are F100s from the 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, USAF. Lead aircraft is being flown by the 614th CO, Lt Col Joe Turner.

The Birddog being flown by Cooper subsequently landed on the USS “Midway” on 29 April 1975 with Major Bung Ly, VNAF, and his family of seven on board. The aircraft is now on display at the US Navy Aviation Museum in Pensacola, Florida.

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